Humans have absolutely no right subjecting animal to cruelty, especially when someone is exploiting them for their own need, which is the most selfish thing ever. There are horrifying stories about the abuse and cruelty of these animals. Last week a video came out on the internet, in which a baby elephant is tied to its mother with a rope, and it collapses on the ground in Thailand.

A tourist shot the video, who is working as a teacher in Myanmar. The tourist was having a ride on the back of the mother elephant, with some other tourists at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens in Pattaya, somewhere in Eastern Thailand.

This baby elephant who is not older than a year, which is tied to its mother while she is giving rides to tourists, collapsed on the ground in front of many people, from over-exhaustion. In the video you can see the baby elephant with a rope around its neck tied to its mother, collapsing on the ground because of the hot temperatures and sun, which reach more than 35 degrees Celsius. Tourists said that the baby elephant looked very tired.

After a moment, the baby elephant gets up and hurries to keep up with the older elephants. The anonymous tourist who would not be distinguished said that the baby elephant was obviously on its last holds of strength. It isn’t clear how long these elephants were out in the sun while taking travelers and tourists on a ride at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens.

The tourist who was with friends on a vacation stated:

There are a lot more child elephants tied with their mom strolling around with travelers at their backs getting a charge out of under the warmth of the sun while these elephants are enduring.

This one infant elephant was so depleted, and you can see the mother ameliorating and urging her to stand. I’m simply worried about the elephants and need to guarantee their welfare is appropriately dealt with.

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So the freaking tourists need to stop the demand for this by NOT paying for rides. WTH do they expect???? Supply and demand. No tourists riding elephants, no demand for elephants.