Sleep paralysis, Is a disorder in which you are conscious but unable to move. The episodes are often more intense than that and include hallucinations.

Photographer Nicolas Bruno is no stranger to this menacing condition. When he was just seven years old, he experienced his first episode. As Bruno grew older and was in high school, his sleep paralysis started occurring every night. He didn’t know what was happening to him and became depressed. Once he started to keep a dream journal, however, things began to change for the better. Bruno then channeled what was happening to him into art.

Through dreamlike imagery, Bruno gives life to the terrible ordeal he goes through during nighttime. His sleep paralysis photography is mostly self-portraiture, in which he plays the central character as well as the antagonist. Both roles are often distressing. Bruno’s head is regularly covered or obscured as he tries to free himself or keep himself in line.

As a viewer, the situations are stunningly produced yet stressful to look at. But for Bruno, it has served in a form of therapy that transforms an awful disorder into something positive.
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tea party on broken table


man on bed puled by other men in to water


child cry in small burning house


couple tie in to chairs


bodies in a concrete pond


people covered with sheets


man resting his head on the table


couple stuck in Well

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