Street Artist Uses Amazing Murals To Highlight Collapse Of Bee Colonies [Photos]

Bees are dying rapidly and it’s mostly because of human activities: these are the sad facts about the collapse of bee populations worldwide. It’s a truth that many people have either not paid any attention to or one that people know about but have yet to realize how significantly their lives would be impacted if all of the bees were to suddenly die off.

While few people around the world continue to help bees in any way they can, such as through creating safe homes for solitary bees or by designating public land for prairies for bees, many more are engaging in activities every day that harm bees.

The main factors that contribute to the rapidly decreasing number of bees are the use of pesticides, major habitat loss, and climate change. All of these are caused by humans, but there are still ways to help that might seem minor but can make a major difference for bees. One such way is to raise awareness about the plight of their populations, which is exactly what street artist Louis Masai Michel from London is doing through the beautiful murals he creates.

In a campaign he has simply dubbed #SaveTheBees, Michel has taken to the streets to create photorealistic murals of bees that sometimes include brief messages to bring attention to the issue. What started as a campaign in London, sometimes in collaboration with fellow artist Jim Vision, quickly evolved into a project that has taken Michel to other parts of England and even stretched into Italy, the U.S., and Croatia.

Michel uses the simple premise that no bees mean no food, which means no humans. Bees help pollinate over 70 of the top 100 food crops that humans produce for consumption and they are responsible for 80% of the world’s pollination. To say that without bees food supply would suffer immensely is an understatement. It is absolutely imperative that humans take action to save bee populations and these murals are a compassionate and beautiful way of focusing on the issue. View the photos below to see more murals from Michel and Vision.

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